This Is Not the Life I Ordered

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This Is Not the Life I Ordered

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Become Your Own Life CoachAn inspirational book of self-care. For over a decade, four women came together for weekly “kitchen table coaching” sessions that they designed to enable them to support each other through life’s ups and downs. The power and strength of their collective friendship has enabled them to not only survive but to thrive, and the remarkable results can be found in this collection of lessons, stories, and wisdom. With this book, you can learn how to turn any unfortunate event into a joy-filled opportunity.Overcome adversity, embrace change, and discover your power―together. In addition to stories and advice, This Is Not the Life I Ordered will teach you how to put together your own gathering of kitchen-table friends. At the end of each section, you will find tools that you can work with as a group to help each other grow, learn, and thrive. Don’t get stuck telling your friends that "everything happens for a reason" over and over again―learn how to encourage them effectively and love them well.Show yourself and others compassion, kindness, and forgiveness. Part autobiography, part self-help book, and all useful and actionable content, the authors and friends pulled from their experiences supporting one another to help you do the same. If you are struggling with work, family, love, or just life in general, This Is Not the Life I Ordered is for you. In this book, you’ll find advice and stories that will help you grow to be better than before. Topics include: • Managing misfortune • Finding courage • Understanding money • Reinventing yourself • Learning to love your mistakes • Facing naysayers • And much more!Readers of motivational books and personal growth books like Tell Me More, On Being Human, and Carry On, Warrior will be inspired by This Is Not the Life I Ordered.
Author : Deborah Collins Stephens, Michealene Cristini Risley, Jan Yanehiro, Jackie SpeierPublisher : Mango Media Inc.Published : 2019-04-01ISBN-10 : 1573247375ISBN-13 : 9781573247375Number of Pages : 240 PagesLanguage : en

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