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This Is How To Change Your Mind

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People who turn to the motivation, coaching, and self-help industries are often frustrated by the lack of fruit, change or progress for their investment. This book will explain in simple terms, using easy-to-read narrative in story form, the steps they need to take to motivate, coach, and help themselves. This book nestles into the current popular trend of “everything is neuro” but avoids being too heavy-handed and academic, whilst utilizing research garnered from that field. As it takes these discoveries and applies them personally, it joins the self-help genre. But with a twist, it adds the coaching frame, to facilitate accountability and a plan for change. Absolutely all of the suggestions have been road-tested, researched, and evidenced. This book approaches personal development and high performance from a coaching perspective to facilitate lasting change, giving you a chance at real progress. Absolutely all of the discoveries in this have been road-tested with stunning results. While the characters are fictitious, the experts you will meet are all real, as are the outcomes. Finally, it has been written in the form of a narrative, a business allegory, a story so that the lessons can be absorbed easily and subconsciously.
Author : Rona FinnertyPublisher : Independently PublishedPublished : 2021-04-05ISBN-10 : ISBN-13 : 9798733279541Number of Pages : 310 PagesLanguage : en

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