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This long-awaited book written by, for and about singles, is a must read for everyone building their life alone. Like a butterfly that spreads its wings and flies free, Sensational Singles renews the spirit with tips on how to live with yourself, not by yourself. From all corners of the earth Argentina, Scotland, Turkey, Israel, England, Italy, Latvia, New Zealand and the United States singles encounter identical problems. Whether divorced, widowed, single by choice or sexual preference, singles from around the world graciously open their hearts and share insights that transformed their lives to survive as one in a world calculated to accommodate couples. Their intimate discoveries are documented and supported by professionals. Sensational Singles addresses the positive, negative and reality of living single. It includes: *Restructuring your life. *Lonely Nights *The Moment of Reckoning *Maintaining a Sense of Family in a Single Household *Juggling kids, career and Social Life *Traveling Alone *Self-Help Books Do they Work? *Fifty Things to do While Recovering from a Broken Heart *Other Wives Husbands and Other Husbands Wives *Exploring Your Own Needs *Dating Again First Dates *The Joy of Living as a Sensational Single Donna Dvorak, a Sensational Single, has trotted the globe as an international journalist, author, award-winning poet, former talk-show host and creative writing teacher. She incorporates her adventures into her books. Her articles appear in magazines, newspapers and literary journals. Donna was raised in Philadelphia and resides in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. She can be contacted through her website:
Author : Donna DvorakPublisher : Xlibris CorporationPublished : 2001-11-06ISBN-10 : 1453534369ISBN-13 : 9781453534366Number of Pages : 145 PagesLanguage : en

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