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Self Help for Beginner - 3 Manuscripts

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★ If you are not satisfied with your life and if you think you can get (and deserve) more then you have to keep reading.★ anxiety, laziness, procrastination, anger, overthinking, uncomfortable, disease … If you are reading this sentence you probably know these words well. And I know because I found myself in the same situation, it wasn’t easy. I well remember the feeling of being uncomfortable anywhere. I’ll be honest with you, it wasn’t easy for me to get out of it. I had a really bad time but now I feel like a new person. I’m not telling you that I run on hot coals or that I climb mountains with my bare hands. Please be serious, we’re not talking about that. I’m telling you that you need some healthy motivation but above all some effective tools. The most powerful tool I found in all my research was unexpected, so hidden and so close. it has always been there, but I hadn’t thought of it: The Mind. Each person is different, so it is difficult to give a universal solution (which does not exist), so I created a series of books that can help you based on your needs. One is about emotions, one about time management, the last one is about the leader approach (actually it’s a masked self-help book!). In short, a complete mind-approach collection for all people who need useful tools for self-help. How to manage the mind and emotions? 10 ways to take absolute control of your mindHow can you unlock your mind power? How can you control your feelings? How to keep your feelings under control. Can you get a central perspective? Are you aware of your perception of time? How to start managing your time? Learn the technique of Focus How to Start Prioritizing How to avoid the time scarcity mindset How to apply the right mindset to achieve your dreams How to let go of fear and self-doubt How to Identify your purpose Accept who you are Follow every inspiration with actions How to be consistent and persistent How to use all of the tips! All this with an approach that starts from the mind, the most important resource we have. Even if you are absolutely novice to this type of topic, I’m sure this is the right book for you, it is written in a very simple way, easy to understand, without scientific words and designed for the first approach on self-growth. This is one of those moments in life where everything can change. Buying this book will not change your life, you need to read it, learn from it and apply the suggestions (that worked for me as for a lot of people who have already read this book before you) to decide what to do with your life. Scroll the top of the page and select the Buy Now button
Author : Faith P. BlakePublisher : Amazon Digital Services LLC – KDP Print USPublished : 2019-07-28ISBN-10 : 1085899403ISBN-13 : 9781085899406Number of Pages : 207 PagesLanguage : en

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