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Self Help Book For Nail Biting Adults

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Stop Nail-Biting For Good: A Proven, Comprehensive Guide to Taking Charge Over Your Nail-Biting Habit – Interactive, Easy-to-Follow Steps Specifically Designed to Help You Break Bad Habits Nail-biting is probably the hardest habit to crack. Did you know that nearly 20 to 30 percent of the population have the habit of biting nails? Do you often catch yourself biting your nails when you’re anxious, stressed, or just bored? Have you tried a number of biting bitter products but none of them worked permanently? If you answered yes to any of these questions, we might have just the solution for you! Would you like to: Identify the trigger of your nail-biting habit and easily overcome it by following a proven guide? Never again feel ashamed in front of other people for constantly having your fingers in your mouth? Finally have strong, healthy nails that haven’t been gnawed on and chewed? Get all this by being your own therapist instead of relying on external solutions that don’t deliver the promised results? This life-changing book will help you get there in almost no time! Focusing on the cause instead of on the effect, this powerful guide is guaranteed to cure your nail-biting problem once and for all. Inside this book, you’ll discover the science and ‘laws’ behind nail-biting and how to use these ‘laws’ against not only this troublesome habit[AR1] but also other annoying habits! Throughout the pages of this guide, you’ll be taken through three different stages: The initial stage (This is the stage at which the author has applied mind hacks learned as a student of the mind); The interim (Challenging encounters the author faced and explained; how to be subtle with your urges for nail-biting); The Final stage (“After results”: explaining how the author cured themself and now enjoys the title of being a NON nail-biter). If you apply the teaching and easy-to-follow steps from each chapter of this interactive book, you’ll solve the problem once and for all! You have to be willing to work on yourself, be courageous, and be self-disciplined to complete the process explained in this comprehensive guide and the rest will follow! Scroll up, click on “Buy Now with 1-click”, and Get Your Copy Now!
Author : Asanka S. JayarathnePublisher : Amazon Digital Services LLC – KDP Print USPublished : 2021-04-02ISBN-10 : ISBN-13 : 9798732069082Number of Pages : 121 PagesLanguage : en

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