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Self Control and Discipline

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Powerful messages and reminders to stay motivated and determined. Do you have times when it’s just hard to keep going? Do you find yourself at times being lazy and farther away from your goal than you hoped? Then learn from these thoughts and inspirational stories to help yourself become more disciplined and in control! You will read about: Controlling things that are within your control and stop caring about what isn’t. Thinking and planning long term goals and commitments. The 5 pillars of self-control. Conquering your weaknesses. 10 Practical tips to make it easier to keep going. So be a mental soldier and pick up this relatively cheap book. Make yourself tougher, more focused, and more able to achieve success and make your dreams happen. Keywords: self control, self-control, control yourself, controlling yourself, how to control yourself, exercise self control, self mastery, self-mastery, master yourself, mastering yourself, discipline, self discipline, self-discipline, disciplining, motivational, motivation, vision, future vision, vision board, self doubt, self-doubt, believe in yourself, believing in yourself, self-belief, self belief, determination, perseverance, giving up, never give up, don’t give up, mindset, fulfilment, success, success motivation, motivation success, success mindset, master emotions, mastering emotions, emotional mastery, emotional control, control emotions, control your emotions, master your emotions, self help, self help book, self-help book motivation, self help book discipline, self help control
Author : Christian OlsenPublisher : Amazon Digital Services LLC – Kdp Print UsPublished : 2018-02-16ISBN-10 : 1980314640ISBN-13 : 9781980314646Number of Pages : 33 PagesLanguage : en

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