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Second Acts That Change Lives

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Learn How to Begin Again and Take Charge of Your LifeThis book will inspire and motivate you to hit that restart button with incredible stories of midlife trailblazers that not only changed their lives─but the lives of others as well.Restart your life. If you find yourself feeling in need of an intervention because your life and goals seem to have taken a back seat─whether it be from your career, family, or general burnout─then look no further. This motivational book takes you through the inspiring stories of those who have found new purpose in their lives.For readers of self-help books.  This book will help you realize your potential, and encourage you to begin again as you watch your dreams begin to manifest. Second Acts That Change Lives offers self-help through invaluable life-lessons thanks to the numerous individuals who provide their experiences of how they not only changed their lives, but also changed others. This amazing and inspiring collection of stories will help:• Serve as a critical intervention to kickstart your new path in life• Build your self-esteem and help you stay focused on your goals • Guide you to make the change you want to see in yourself─and the worldIf you’re looking for self help books for women, self help books for men, or motivational books─or if you enjoyed books like Your Second Act, Life Is in the Transitions, or It’s Never Too Late to Begin Again─then you’ll love Second Acts That Change Lives.
Author : Mary Beth SammonsPublisher : Red Wheel WeiserPublished : 2009-03-01ISBN-10 : 157324368XISBN-13 : 9781573243681Number of Pages : 173 PagesLanguage : en

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