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This is a self improvement workbook that helps you life your best life. If you are familiar with the works: Atomic Habits, Girl, Wash Your Face or other self improvement book best sellers or devour anything from Brené Brown and watch tons of TED Talks this workbook is for you. This is one of the most practical self help books for women and men. This self help journal will help change your habits, keeping the good habits and doing away with the bad habits. It will help you live a badass life, your badass life that you define. **WHAT’S IN HERE** In self therapy areas of your life: nutrition, fitness, career, self, spiritual, relationships, interests and gratitude you will make deliberate efforts to be the best you, you can be. Accepting imperfections and grabbing the power of habit creation will enable you to live boldly, help yourself and be awesome. You needn’t suffer from low self esteem or low self confidence because you are going to help yourself with some self love and some hard work. **8 WEEK PROGRAM** Each week for 8 weeks you will fill your worksheets and put into practice what you determine as important to you. This workbook has 80+ pages and you can use it over and over again to continue to make progress with habits, resolutions, goal setting and visualization. This self esteem workbook will hopefully bring positive change in several key areas of your life. **SIMPLE, CUSTOMIZED FRAMEWORK** This is self-help or self-improvement at its best. That is because this self help workbook is designed to be customized for you. Changes made around resolutions, events or changes made sporadically don’t tend to last. That is because they are not a natural part of your life. This self improvement journal helps create a sustainable lifestyle around several important areas of your life. It provides a customized framework for you to live your best life and make the most of what you have. Allowing you to live your life to the fullest.
Author : Re ImaginePublisher : Amazon Digital Services LLC – KDP Print USPublished : 2019-04-29ISBN-10 : 1096285363ISBN-13 : 9781096285366Number of Pages : 81 PagesLanguage : en

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