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The environment is “in.” Global warming. Ozone depletion. Toxic waste. Acid rain. Concern that we are sinking ever deeper into “environmental debt” has sown the seeds of a growing U.S. Green Movement, transplanted from Europe. Unfortunately, all of the current talk and activity do not add up to a coherent environmental strategy on the part of government, industry, and environmental organizations. Here is the first book to explain why only a preventive environmental strategy can work, because growing population, consumption, and industrialization cripple current, rather haphazard, remedial efforts. Authored by two leading experts, this book shows how our society can make more with less, be more competitive and less polluting, while maintaining our standard of living by reducing and eventually eliminating the production of wastes and pollutants from industry, commerce, homes, farms, institutions. This may seem far-fetched, but be prepared to discover in these pages that there can be a middle ground between ecology and economyand that you can help achieve it. Youll find data and examplesfacts few have had access to beforethat any person can use, from engineers in industry to office workers to activists. Every concerned citizen will also want to consider the authors innovative suggestions for taxing wastes and using the proceeds to help companies and communities switch to new industrial processes. Also, you should evaluate their proposals to require meaningful waste and toxicity information on product labels, to make bans on chemicals and products a more credible and available corrective measure, and to secure permanent, high-level government support for pollution prevention. But, above all, this book is a self-help book for all whose home is Earth. An ounce of pollution prevention thats worth a pound of environmental cure. A way for concerned individuals to become agents for change in the marketplace, the workplace, and the voting place. Read on.
Author : Joel S. Hirschhorn, Kirsten U. OldenburgPublisher : Van Nostrand ReinholdPublished : 1991ISBN-10 : 0442002254ISBN-13 : 9780442002251Number of Pages : 386 PagesLanguage : en

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