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Shows students how to synthesize literature using both qualitative and quantitative approaches. All major steps are profusely illustrated with examples. Your students will learn both the art and science of writing effective literature reviews. New to this edition: In order to place more emphasis on the process of writing, the material relevant to preparing the first draft has been expanded into five new chapters: Chapter 7 (Preparing a Topic Outline for the First Draft), Chapter 8 (Writing the First Draft: Basic Principles), Chapter 9 (Writing the First Draft: Optional Techniques), Chapter 10 (Writing the First Draft: Statistical Issues in Qualitative Reviews), and Chapter 11 (Building Tables to Summarize Literature). Also new: New examples have been incorporated throughout the book in order to keep it up-to-date.
Author : M. Ling PanPublisher : Pyrczak Pub.Published : 2008ISBN-10 : 1884585760ISBN-13 : 9781884585760Number of Pages : 192 PagesLanguage : en

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