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Of all the people who can’t afford a lawyer, it’s the people who must file for Chapter 7. Fortunately, this quick-and-easy kit provides the tear-out forms and instructions needed to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Step-by-step instructions show readers how to: — fill out and file all forms — cancel and reschedule debts — obtain an automatic stay to keep creditors from pursuing them — keep the most property through the bankruptcy process — appear in courtThis edition completely updates the exemption tables for each state and provides the latest federal bankruptcy legislation. Personal Bankruptcy is perfect for anyone who has already decided to file for bankruptcy and simply needs to get the job done.
Author : Stephen EliasPublisher : NoloPublished : 2001ISBN-10 : 0873375467ISBN-13 : 9780873375467Number of Pages : 169 PagesLanguage : en

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