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Nobody Cares is the hardest hitting little self help book ever written. Whether you are 17 years old, just trying to figure out what you’re doing with your life or 40, 50 and older in need of a radical reboot, this is your get-out-of-jail-free card in a cold, cruel world.Written in the voice of cocksure youth, but simmered in the unforgiving experience of age, Nobody Cares is a stunning tour de force in hacking your way to financial and emotional freedom up against the 7.5 billion other souls on planet earth who want the same.Blistering in its tone yet imbued with positive energy, and hope, Nobody Cares cuts straight to the bone in delivering rock solid means and methods to assure that come out on top every time.- How to beat crooked financial institutions to maximize your financial footprint- How to get a $100,000 college education for a fraction of the price- How to separate hustlers and cons from those who will always have your back- How to use knowledge and logic to assess and dominate every situation you find yourself in- How to bulletproof your health–both mental and physical–for optimum performance- How to become indispensible to your company, or start your own company- How to destroy negative habits and install productive habits permanently- How to rid your life of energy vampires and other beasts of the night- And much, much more, distilled and explained in crystal clarityAn instant timeless classic, yet fresh, powerful and punching well above its weight, Nobody Cares is the definitive guide to the business of life and to life beyond business; in other words, the life of your dreams. The cheapest $20 or less you’ll ever spend–your lifetime return is unlimited.
Author : Thomas StevensPublisher : Prognathous PressPublished : 2017-04-17ISBN-10 : 0692877576ISBN-13 : 9780692877579Number of Pages : 184 PagesLanguage : en

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