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Democracy's Little Self-Help Book

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A blank page in front of a writer possesses the chance to create a masterpiece. The truth that it may or may not exist is what makes it so unique. While inspiration comes at any moment, it’s the rush of passion from a novice love that excites our entire demeanor. This same fiery passion, if left unattended, will diminish in time until its embers are the only remembrance of its existence. Unknown to some, this is all a part of the revolution of life. Idealistically, life revolves around four seasons summer, autumn, winter and spring. Our reaction to these inevitable changes is what defines who we are. You must first identify what you want out of a situation, and then take the necessary steps to achieve it. Whether it’s the courage to tell someone how you feel, the heart to express your desires if they are not being met, or the strength to let go of someone that is holding you back, you are the master of your fate. Don’t limit yourself to what you can and cannot do. In the back of our minds we are all searching for the same thing the opportunity to love and be loved. Expressing that, for some, is a difficult thing. The question remaining is it possible to be inspired by an experience that isn’t yours? Universality tells us yes, and Barely Breathing is an example of such an instance.
Author : Peter MichaelsonPublisher : Prospect Books, Inc.Published : 2006ISBN-10 : 1425912184ISBN-13 : 9781425912185Number of Pages : 240 PagesLanguage : en

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