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Are you ready to live your life? I speak about to live really life: Fully every day, every single minute! Then keep reading…This book is the key to accessing and maximizing your innate mind power potential. You will learn how to use this invaluable peak performance concept to accelerate the development of your mental strength, focus, willpower, self-discipline, and self-confidence to achieve your most important goals. If you want to change and improve your life, the first thing you have to do is improve your thoughts. Your thoughts create your reality, so you better have them under control! By controlling your thoughts, ultimately you control your life and your destiny. So, observe your thoughts every now and then. Replace them with positive thoughts such as “everything is going to be all right” every single time they come up.To mentally conceive is only potential mind power. To physically execute is applied mind power!Although it is simple in theory, applied mind power is an advanced skill, and its mastery often separates advanced mental toughness students from beginning and intermediate students. It is time to introduce you to the concept that represents the synthesis of all mind power elements-the Mental Toughness Loop. This essential tool will serve as a foundational base for the improvement of your mental strength and peak performance skills. This book covers the following topics: – Habit for Personal Development.- Enjoy Your Empathy.- Mental Toughness – High Frustration Tolerance.- Habits, Rituals & Daily Practices. – The Relationship Between Overthinking, Anxiety, Stress, and Negative Thinking.- Positive Thinking- The Power of Positive Thinking- Law of Attraction through the Power of Your Mind- 12 Positive Thinking Habits- Positive Thinking: Good for Health- Achieve Your Goals Just by Staying Happy- Goal Setting- The Power of Habits- What does it mean to rewire your brain?- How the Brain Works- Change Your Life for the Better with CBT- How to have a positive outlook on life?- Cultivating Joy- Positive Thinking is the Key to Success- Enjoy Your Life…And much moreYour thoughts depend on your beliefs about life. If you don’t like what you are receiving, then have a look at what you are sending! Everything that is in your life has been created by your thoughts, expectations, and beliefs. So, analyze them! If you change your beliefs, you will get new results!If you want to change your life you have to first change your patterns of thinking. Even if beliefs come from early childhood programming for most of us, we can change them. All you have to do is learn these methods, and you will give yourself the gift of total life goal achievement. There is no one to make you do it and no one to stop you, either.Ready to get started? Click “Buy Now
Author : David Robert JonesPublisher : Independently PublishedPublished : 2020-09-14ISBN-10 : ISBN-13 : 9798686220492Number of Pages : 318 PagesLanguage : en

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